Improving Communities

One of the main pillars of the Junior League of Toronto (JLT) is to improve communities.

Members have identified an immediate and pressing problem facing our community and we are working on finding a solution to this problem with our community partners. The programs and initiatives we develop positively impact our communities and pave the way for long-term, sustainable improvements.

Healthy Bodies & Healthy Minds: Partnership with CAMH Gifts of Light Program

The Junior League of Toronto’s community impact area is mental health with a focus on improving self-esteem in youth.  The JLT has partnered with the Gifts of Light program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) to support self-esteem by facilitating and providing a series of cultural experiences, events, and classes for CAMH clients in the Early Psychosis Unit in order to build self-esteem in youth facing mental health challenges

Tea to Help Teens – Annual Community Fundraiser

Since 2004, the Junior League of Toronto has raised over $195,000 in gifts for over 3,400 teens living in shelters in our communities. What does that mean to these teens? Simply put it will raise their self-esteem and improve their mental wellness. Our community partners have shared with us that The Tea to Help Teens not only provides gifts for marginalized young people it opens doors by creating awareness in the broader community of the issues of youth homelessness. While the Tea happens but once a year the impact is felt year-long. 

Our annual event takes place in November of each year and is a fun event that involves drinking tea and eating treats while socializing, shopping the holiday market, bidding on silent auction items and listening to entertaining musicians.   

The League's Historical Community Impact:

The JLT has been an integral member of the Toronto community for over 90 years. Since 1926, members of the Junior League of Toronto have contributed over 4 million volunteer hours in expertise, enthusiasm and hard work and over $4 million to support or initiate over 400 community projects in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Junior League of Toronto has undertaken a variety of community projects and tackled many community issues over the years that include the following: 

1920s - Opportunity Shop established as an ongoing fundraiser 
1930s - Unemployment Relief Projects during the Depression 
1940s - Cerebral Palsy Clinic, public service radio program 
1950s - Canadian Services Association, immigrant support 
1960s - Financial and volunteer support for troubled youth 
1970s - Projects on environmental and women’s issues 
1980s - Projects that provided support for separated, divorced or widowed women 
1990s - Family Support Programs i.e. abuse prevention and support for families with sick children
1990s & 2000s - Child Development and Life Skills i.e. breakfast programs, early intervention programs for families and youth, and programs that addressed the challenges faced by children with learning disabilities 
2000s & 2010s - Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds – community impact area is currently mental health with a focus on improving the self-esteem of youth