Community Focus:

Healthy Living – In the Spring of 2007, Junior League of Toronto membership selected the focus area of Healthy Living including all facets of the topic including physical, mental, nutritional and emotional health. Since then, all Junior League of Toronto community initiatives have been aligned to Healthy Living.

Community Belief Statement:

"The Junior League of Toronto believes that Healthy Living is an achievable goal through education, advocacy and the personal leadership of its members".

History in the Community:

The JLT has been an integral member of the Toronto community for 86 years. Since the organization was formally incorporated on January 5, 1926, members of the Junior League of Toronto have contributed over 40 million volunteer hours in expertise, enthusiasm and hard work and over $4 million to support or initiate over 400 community projects in the Greater Toronto Area, York Region, Mississauga, Etobicoke and Oakville.

The Junior League of Toronto has undertaken a variety of community projects and tackled many community issues over the years that include the following: 

1920s - Opportunity Shop established as an ongoing fundraiser
1930s - Unemployment Relief Projects during the Depression
1940s - Cerebral Palsy Clinic, public service radio program
1950s - Canadian Services Association, immigrant support
1960s - Financial and volunteer support for troubled youth
1970s - Projects on environmental and women’s issues
1980s - Projects that provided support for separated, divorced or widowed women
1990s - Family Support Programs i.e. abuse prevention and support for families with sick children
1990s & 2000s - Child Development and Life Skills i.e. breakfast programs, early intervention programs for families and youth, and programs that addressed the challenges faced by children with learning disabilities
2000s - Healthy Living – work with youth to help them improve their self-esteem, self confidence and to provide them with the tools so that they can make healthy lifestyle choices