Kickstart for Health in Toronto


The JLT Kickstart for Health program was developed by the Junior League of Toronto in 2007 with the goal of helping youth and their families to develop healthy lifestyles so that they are at less risk of suffering from diabetes, obesity and other serious health issues.  The program empowers teenage girls and their families to embrace healthy lifestyles by building confidence, developing new skills, and inspiring positive life choices.

Click here to view a documentary about the very first year of our JLT Kickstart Training Program.

JLT Kickstart for Health program has partnered with the girls of St. Alban's Boys' and Girls' Club and includes workshops and a training program.

The JLT Kickstart for Health program includes the following elements:

1. Kickstart Healthy Living Workshops: providing adolescent girls with the opportunity to develop and learn age-appropriate skills related to Healthy Living including cooking and nutrition.

2. Kickstart Training Program: providing adolescent girls with the opportunity to train for and complete a 5 km walk, 5 km run, or 10 km relay run with Junior League of Toronto members.

JLT Kickstart Healthy Living Workshops

The JLT Kickstart Healthy Living Workshops are a series of events designed to educate pre-teen and teenage girls in the areas of Healthy Living. Each two-hour workshop is broken into two hour-long segments; one dedicated to emotional well-being or healthy eating and the other demonstrating alternative forms of exercise. Workshops cover topics such as self confidence and healthy eating. .

JLT Kickstart Training Program

The JLT Kickstart Training Program is a comprehensive after school program led by the Junior League of Toronto in partnership with St. Alban’s Boys’ & Girls’ Club. The goal of the program is to enhance self-esteem and help encourage healthy behaviour by helping girls to train for and ultimately complete a 5km walk, 5km run or 10km race.

The 2011 fall/winter session was a great hit with the successful completion of the 5km 'Santa Shuffle' in December. We are ready to lace-up and start our 2012 winter/spring session which runs from February to May. This will mark the 4th year that Leaguers have laced up to run along side girls from St. Alban's Boys and Girls Club!

We will be training alongside the girls from St Alban's Boys and Girls Club to participate in a 10km walk or run - group runs with a qualified trainer, group stretching, incentives for the girls, and best of all.... FUN!