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International Women's Day Event

Name:     International Women's Day Event
Date/Time:     03-08-2017 05:45pm - 09:00pm

The Training Committee is hosting our 4th Annual International Women’s Day Event This year we will be featuring the film SOLD about the fight against human trafficking, especially the sexual exploitation of children.

Time: Reception starts at 5:45 pm, screening begins at 6:45 pm.


One of our guest speakers will be Jennifer Keeler, Coordinator of  Chantal's Place.She has been employed with Trillium Health Partners as a primary health care - nurse practitioner on the Trillium Health Partners Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence team. 

Jennifer has testified in court on numerous occasions as both an expert and fact witness related to her experience caring for sexual assault and/or domestic violence survivor.

Also Julie Neubauer  who is Covenant House Toronto - Manager of Human Trafficking Services. Julie provides support and supervision to the agency as they manage an active case load of 72.  She is responsible for the implementation of two (2) specialized crisis beds for survivors of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation within their Residential Crisis shelter. 

Currently Julie and her team have just opened the Rogers Home- Transitional Housing for Young Women. This home provides housing and trauma-informed case management to 5-7 young women who have experienced HT/SE (Human Trafficking Sexual Exploitation) . 

Here is a link to the trailer for SOLD - MATURE CONTENT

Feel free to register your guests at the time of registration 

Location:     YWCA Toronto 87 Elm St Toronto North of University & Dundas
Contact:     karen8hanson@gmail.com
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