Civic Leader – Shona Miller


When did you join the Junior League? 2001

Describe some of your Junior League projects and committee work?
I have taken on numerous committee member and leadership positions within the League, including training, membership, recruiting, fund development and placement.

In 2003, I was asked to be Treasurer of the Junior League. This was a huge leap of faith as I do not have a financial background, and although challenging, it was an extremely rewarding position. Currently, I am a committee member on the Community Action Team – Special Projects Group.

How has the Junior League impacted your life?
The skills I acquired and mentorship I received from working with such a diverse and talented group of women helped me navigate through the early stages my professional career. I have coached and mentored new members myself, and through this work found out I love to help people, something I use in my chosen profession every day.

Training with the Junior League of Toronto comes in many forms: committee work, collaborating with community partners, attending conferences and workshops. By providing our members with a place to learn and connect with our community partners, we can advocate for change and be a voice for those who need a helping hand.

I have learned how to chair meetings, establish timelines and “smart” goals, and motivate others to achieve a common goal. I have attended conferences with members from other Leagues in the USA and went to New Orleans to help with rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. No matter where you go with the Junior League, you develop lifelong connections and lay stepping stones for change and impact in your community.

Tell us about some of your community work outside of the Junior League.
The reason we join is to make an impact in our community and the reason we stay is to achieve our goals and the friendships we make along the way. I am honoured to have met and worked with so many amazing women. I am inspired every year by the women in the organization and I am proud to be a member of the Junior League of Toronto.

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