Membership Requirements

Provisional Member (New Member) 

New members attend a mandatory New Member Orientation Day (Super Saturday) and complete a community project. Super Saturday will be held on  November 2nd, 2019. Upon completion of the community project, New Members become “Active” members of the JLT.  During the orientation, members learn about the Junior League of Toronto (JLT) organization, the community organizations we service and our fundraising work. They also learn how to become an effective and trained volunteer.

    • Dues: same as for Active members (prorated depending on time of joining)

Active Member

Active members are those members who have successfully completed the provisional member requirements. Active members may choose to be placed to work in the community or to serve on an internal League team. Placements typically run from June 1 – May 31, which aligns with our fiscal year, but most of the work occurs September through May. Leadership positions are also available.

  • Dues: pay annual dues of $233.00
  • General Meetings*: Attend a minimum of four (4) meetings in total during the year, one (1) of which must be a voting General Meeting. Three remaining meetings can include training sessions, DIAD’s or General meetings.
  • Note: If the member’s placement is entirely internal, then one of the meeting requirements must be a DIAD.
  • Team Meetings: attend team meetings and/or Board meetings(as applicable)*
  • Work on a Team an average of 4 hours per week.
  • Complete Annual Membership Survey.
  • Support JLT projects and fundraisers.

Sustaining Member

After 5 years of active membership, a member is eligible to become a sustaining member.  These members have a reduced financial requirement and are welcome to attend all meetings, fundraisers and community events but are not required to take a placement.

  • Dues: pay annual dues of $199.00 Sustainer under age 70 – $166 Sustainer age 70+.
  • Other Requirements:  May choose to sit on Active Committees as Sustainer advisors and are welcome to participate in all JLT opportunities (not mandatory).

*General Membership meetings typically run from 7:00-9:30 p.m. at central locations in Toronto. Our General Membership meetings are where we conduct our business, provide guest speakers on occasion and socialize.