Civic Leader – Mary Louise Clements


When did you join the Junior League? 1956

Describe some of your Junior League projects and committee work.
I chaired several committees, including the Project and Interview Committees, and later served on the Board of Directors as Vice President and President of the League.

Describe some of your Junior League projects and committee work.
My Junior League experience taught me a great deal, from how to chair a meeting effectively and prepare and read financial statements to how to research community issues and lobby governments. It provided me with tools that gave me the confidence to undertake many volunteer challenges in the community. Without these tools, I might never have accepted invitations to serve on various community boards. The Junior League also introduced me to a network of women to call upon for advice and support in my volunteer and professional careers outside of the League.

Because I held the position of President of the Junior League of Toronto, I was asked to serve as Vice Chair of the Ontario Advisory Council on Multiculturalism. In my professional life, I worked for The Conference Board of Canada, assisting member corporations in developing and managing donation policies in response to the increasing number of requests from community agencies. My Junior League experience and volunteer involvement in the community were essential to this work.

Tell us about some of your community work outside of the Junior League.
I served as a volunteer on the following Boards and Committees:
United Way of Greater Toronto
Children’s Aid Society of Metro Toronto

Toronto Community Foundation
The Canadian Centre for Philanthropy
Police Complaints Board of Metro Toronto
Civic Awards of Merit Committee
Ontario Advisory Council on Multiculturalism (Vice Chair) School of Theology, University of Toronto (Vice Chair) Vision TV (Chair)